Activities Of Session 2017-2018

Activities Of Session 2017-2018

The Activities Being Conducted by Arihant International School

Education is to encourage the children to bring about a positive modification in their behavior, as they ascend the ladder of learning and knowledge.
26th february 2018

Robotics workshop IIT Delhi

In a bid to get first hand experience of IIT campus and robotics technique students of AIS were taken for robotics workshop.



15th february 2018


Farewell is a time to say goodbye and give best wishes to the one who is parting.


Five students Shushant, Sarthak, Aryaman, Shubham and Chirag are invited by National Space Society of USA. The society works under NASA AMES SPACE RESEARCH CENTRE. The students participated in AMES settlement contest and submitted their project “ANTRIKSH-2040”. They qualified and now the students are invited for

  • International Conference on space settlement in Los Angeles USA.
  • For Visiting


Five students of arihant international school were nominated to participate in “AMES SPACE SETTLEMENT CONTEST-2018”, A nasa world wide project.
The students of class +1 namely Chirag Thakur,Shushant Singh,Aryaman Sharma,Sarthak Bhardwaj and Shubham Chauhan prepared the project ”ANTRIKSH 2040”.
The students worked hard, enthusiastically and made the master-plan to settle at Proxima centauri and Gliese 832-b.
The students planned the transportation,habitat development ,survival and cultural development at these celestial bodies in universe.They submitted the project at NASA.Soon the students will be invited by NASA to visit various labs and space experimental stations in NASA USA.

Mission -X By NASA

Mission-X Train like An Atronaut is a program conducted by colaboration of different space agencies like NASA.Students of AIS are representing India and AIS is the only team which is representing India at International platform.

Students of AIS are performing various exercises for fitness and health.They complete different tasks and cross various levels.Students and teachers unite for a given task and perform it.The same is selected and approved by mission-x.


Nahan Marathon 2017
Arihant International School organized marathon for students,teachers and public in general with focal theme ‘Women Empowerment’. Major General Sh. Atul Kaushik graced the event as the chief guest. Sh Sunil Sharma ultra marathoner and Miss Priyanka Negi international kabbadi player as a special guest added an extra spark to the event by their presence.


8th November

To promote interest in science and mathematics among students, Rotary Club Nahan organized Science and Maths Olympiad in all schools of Nahan. Students of Arihant International School brought fame to the school by grabbing merit positions in Maths and Science Olympiad.

Kaif Ali grabbed 1st position in Maths’s Olympiad.

Anirudh Rawat grabbed  3rd Position in Math’s Olympiad and 5th Position in Science Olympiad.

Chirag Thakur grabbed 4th Position in Math’s Olympiad.

Ashish Rana grabbed 5th Position in Math’s Olympiad.


Educational Tour to Jaipur

28th-31st October

51st H.P State Table Tennis Tournament was hosted by Arihant International School. The whole event was a great success.




15th October

MBM Quiz : Students of Arihant International School participated in MBM Quiz, that was held in two days.In the first round that was the written test, our students bagged top positions and in the 2nd round of the quiz Akhil and Kaif grabbed 2nd Position,Chaitnaya and Yash grabbed 3rd position.

13th -15th October

The 2nd level of children science congress i.e. District level was held at poanta sahib. Our students of class plus one Devansh and Anirudh, got 1st position in senior secondary quiz competition. Aashish Rana got 2nd position in Math Olympiad.


3rd October

Inter School Poem Recitation Competiton

Giving a Unique Platform in the Field Of Literature. Arihant International School Organized an Inter School Poem Recitation Competition, Where Students from each school participated by presenting their poems in four languages – Hindi, Sanskrit, English, Punjabi.


The performance Of A.I.S Students brought laurel to the school.

Mansi Arora got 2nd Position In English Poem Recitation

Sarthak Bhardwaj got 1st Position In Punjabi Poem Recitation

Akshit Thakur got 1st Position In Sanskrit Poem Recitation
29th September

A guest lecture

An interactive session for the students was organised by Arihant International School in which Prof. Hemant Kumar, Coordinator Kalpna Astro Club , Nahan was invited to deliver lecture on the topic  “Discover Your Sky”.



At the end of the session Prof. Hemant Kumar Showed the black spots of the sun through telescope.

28th September 2017

Road safety seminar

Road Safety Club , Nahan organized a road safety programme that was held at Arihant International School. Renowned personalities like Mr. Vinod Dhiman(A.S.P Nahan),Ms Monika(A.S.P Probationary),Mr. Amarjeet Singh Parmar(Head Of Road Safety Club),Mr. Satish Duggal (Rt. Principal) Marked their presence. Students Of AIS also participated by giving speeches and presentations. Principal of AIS proposed a signature campaign where around 1000 signatures were collected as consent by people to follow traffic rules.
14th September-16th September

Children Science Congress

Block level Children Science Congress was held at Senior Secondary School, Trilokpur. Around thirty Schools participated in various activities like quiz context, presenting model, activity corner.


    •  In quiz contest Devansh and Anirudh got first prize ,

    • In model presentation Sushant got first prize


    • In Maths Olympiad  Ashish Rana stood first in the Senior Secondary Category.

June 24, 2017

International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

Arihant International School celebrated “International Day against Drug Abuse” by presenting a Skit on “Drug Abuse’ at historic Chaugan ground. ‘Drug abuse’ street play highlighted the increasing problem of Drug Addiction among youth.  The students also displayed their talent of playing instruments like the guitar and the flute. Arihant International School also presented skit on “Save Water”.  Students persuaded people to save every drop of water. The programme was admired   by everyone present. It was frolic.


Let’s walk together

Parents are the important stakeholders in the process of a child’s education. We encourage and welcome the participation of parents in AIS community.


A General House in AIS  

June 21
International Yoga Day

‘“Yoga is not a religion. It is a science, science of well- being, science of youthfulness, science of integrating body, mind and soul “.

Arihant   International School Celebrated “International Day of yoga” in the school premises. The students along with the teachers performed various Yogaasnas like Tadasana, Suryanamaskar, Kapalbhati, Baddha Konasana etc. Students were also told about the benefits of practicing in yoga and how it can increase life expectancy. Students really enjoyed the Yoga session and felt rejuvenated.  

June5, 2017

Inter School Quiz Contest

On the occasion of “The World Environment Day “The Environment Society of Nahan” organized “Sanyogita Memorial Interschool Quiz Contest”, at SVN School, Nahan. Arihant International School, represented by Anirudh Rawat and Devansh Gaur of plus one class, bagged second position in this competition, adding a feather in cap.


June 9, 2017

Story telling is a unique art for students to communicate thoughts and express their feelings .In order to boost confidence and increase verbal proficiency of students, Arihant International School organized “Story Telling” activity. The students came up with different motivational stories and presented gracefully   to the audience. It really encouraged students to use their imagination, creativity and enhance their listening skills. The students felt much confident after this activity.  
May 26, 2017

Traditional Dress Day  

Traditional clothes represent our culture and identity. It is necessary to hold on them if we wish to preserve our tradition. In this view the school organized traditional dress day.

Promoting our culture and very much attached to our roots.  


June 5, 2017

Inter House Slogan Writing Competition

On the occasion of “World Environment Day” Arihant International School Organized an Inter house slogan writing Contest .The students composed slogans on “Connecting People to Nature” which was the theme for world Environment Day, 2017. The students also explained the idea behind their slogans and paintings. Slogans were very suggestive and inspiring.

May 20, 2017

Hindi Symposium  

Hindi language is the one among the most ancient languages of the universe. To make students realize the beauty of Hindi language, Hindi Symposium was held in the school. Every student was  given a chance to speak .This activity actually proved to be a good opportunity for the students to show their hidden talent and helped them to overcome their show biz fear.
May 22, 2017

Inter house Declamation Competition

On “The National Anti-Terrorism Day”, Arihant International School organized an Inter house Declamation Contest on the topic “Terrorism: A Global Problem “.The topic was chosen to sensitize the young generation about this world wide threat.

May 11, 2017

Inter House Debate Competition

Arihant International School is committed to enable all students to reach high levels of achievement and to acquire the knowledge, skills and values they need to become responsible citizens of society.   With the same perspective in view, the school organized an Inter House Debate Competition on the topic “Social Networking and Young Generation”.


May 18, 2017

Guest Lecture  

The guest lecture was organized by the school for the students.  Ms. Sumedha Talwar, Art of living teacher, was the guest and she had an interactive session with the students. Objective of the session was to motivate the students, so that they can go confidently in the direction of their dreams. Overall, the lecture was quite motivating.


May 3, 2017

Paper Presentation  

To build confidence and accumulate students in the new environment of the school paper presentation was organized. Topic of paper presentation was “Demonetization”